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How To Lose Stubborn Belly Fat For Good: 4 Secrets You Need To Know!

How to lose that stubborn belly fat for good

Have you noticed one of the hardest things to lose as we age is stubborn belly fat? Why is that? As we age our bodies begin to store fat more easily due to decrease in hormones and metabolism. For most women it appears around the midsection, buttocks hips and thighs. If you’re a female who […]

Is Drinking Water With Meals A Good Practice?

Is Drinking Water With Meals A Good Practice?

Drink your water! We hear that a lot from our doctors, health coaches (eh-hem), and other sources on dietary expertise, but should we be drinking it when eating meals? Some theories suggest drinking several large glasses of water before meals, others say avoid water altogether. Then there are advocates for drinking water before and two […]

Good Stress, Bad Stress, What’s The Difference?

Everyone experiences stress in some form or another. How we deal with it defines the outcome of the stressful situation.   We often equate stress to negativity and we forget stress can also be good! Recently I have experienced both and I began to take notice of how each one affected me. Then I began […]