Is Black For Everyone?

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

I found it interesting when I discovered black is not a color everyone should be wearing. You've heard how you should keep a little black dress in your closet for any occasion. What if your "black" was actually navy blue or a rich deep chocolate brown? It's possible black is a color you actually never liked wearing. In fact, it may make you feel dull, worn out, or tired when wearing it. If so, break the little black dress rule and opt for Navy, Burgundy, Hunter Green, or a rich Brown. Color not only affects your appearance, it affects how you feel.

How will you know if black is the right color for you? Ask yourself these questions:

Do you feel grounded?

Do you feel energized?

Do you feel alive and bright?

Does your skin tone look radiant?

If you answered yes to all the above, keep that little black dress around.

How will you know if black is not the right color for you? Ask yourself these questions:

Do I feel tired?

Do I feel sad or depressed?

Does my skin look dull, sallow or worn out?

Does it age me?

If you answered yes to all the above, donate that little black dress and try one of the colors mentioned above.

It used to be inappropriate when I was growing up to wear anything other than black to a funeral. It was a somber occasion that called for a somber color. But it's also a formal color that is worn at weddings and cocktail parties. I advocate for individual choice when it comes to these two occasions. Even if black isn't your color, you may want to wear it if your tradition calls for it.

Fashion rules change over time and along with them, color ideals. I'd like to think we are moving more towards individual choice where colors are concerned. Wedding dresses weren't always white and in some cultures red is the ideal wedding dress choice. Ivory has become popular again as well as colors such as blush and light blue. Wearing black should be an individual choice for you in your personal life. Sometimes there is no choice such as uniforms etc., but at home it's all you.

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