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Gluten-Free Never Tasted So Good!

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

I seriously missed eating bread and baked goods the first few months after finding out I had a gluten sensitivity. I’m not too fond of any of the store-bought gluten-free processed items; they have so many additives in them.

When my lifestyle changed, I thought I would never find anything that would satisfy my taste buds. I’m Italian; I grew up on semolina bread and pasta. Food is a part of who I am. But then, I stumbled upon Epicure, an online haven of gluten-free, unprocessed ingredients shipped directly to your home. Honestly, their products make gluten-free cooking easy for me. Between Epicure and my favorite new cookbook, How to Make Anything Gluten-Free, I finally felt that I could eat the foods I love without jeopardizing my health. Here are two delicious recipes I recently made:

Artesian Bread and Chocolate-chip Banana Bread, by following recipes in the cookbook. I will tell you, they are time-consuming to make, but they look just like the pictures and taste amazing.

I used the cinnamon Epicure spice in the banana bread because I know it’s safe to use and gluten-free.

Tip: if you don’t have extra time in the kitchen, you need to check out our banana bread; it is to die for!

Now I am very excited I can bake and eat bread that tastes like the real deal! And I also have a new bread machine with a gluten-free option to make a gluten-free loaf for sandwich bread anytime I want.

If you decide you would like to take on the task of gluten-free baking, remember not to go crazy. Watch your carbs and calories. Try not to eat more than one portion in a sitting.

If you want to purchase gluten-free items that you can feel safe about eating and find a ton of delicious recipes, you must check out Epicure. Their Never Ever list includes over 100 common additives/allergens that you will NEVER find in their ingredients. I enjoy the versatility and ease of eating well and no longer worry about having a food reaction. If you or someone you love has a gluten sensitivity or Celiac disease, I highly recommend these products for peace of mind when eating.

It’s my mission to help families access clean eating that’s affordable. To learn more about shopping for or sharing these products, let’s talk! Schedule a phone chat with me here.

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