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Guest Blogger Tara Ramos; Cancer Survivor and Inspirational Leader

Hi, my name is Tara Ramos. Barbara, aka The Sophisticated Dieter, and I became friends a few years ago through network marketing. I love how much we have in common. Connecting has indeed been such a gift from our love for nutrition and health, being firefighter wives, and all things beauty. I am so honored and excited to share about mindset and how having a positive outlook can truly change your life.

Let’s jump into mindset and positivity. In 2018 I was diagnosed with malignant head and neck cancer. It took us all by surprise as I had always been extremely fit and healthy and had no risk factors. But, this is where my mindset really had to flip to help me get through this difficult diagnosis and the treatments to follow.

I will never forget the phone call after the initial biopsy was completed. I was at the movie theatre with my kids and friends during Winter break when the oral surgeon’s office called, urging me to come to the office asap. Frantic on the phone, I pleaded with them to tell me the news so I could know the situation and digest it all. I’ll never forget how numb I felt standing in the hallway of the theatre, trying to be quiet and yet feeling so helpless as the surgeon told me it was malignant tongue cancer. The tears rolled, and my mind raced, and all I could think of was whether I would be around another year to see my kids grow.

Things moved quickly after that phone call. In those 24 hours before my first Oncologist appointment, I really felt my mindset start going to those dark and desperate places, thinking of the worst outcome. So when I stepped into the Oncology appointment the next day, it was like a light bulb went off in my head. I thought to myself, no matter how bad the prognosis was going to be, I would take it like a champ and ONLY see one vision of how I wanted this to go. The only thing that changed was my decision to do it that way. I told myself I would have tunnel vision and visualize my desired outcome. To be cancer-free, to be here with my family, and to be able to live life to the fullest.

Things didn’t always go the way I saw them, but it didn’t matter. I wouldn’t let anything get in the way of what I was manifesting. My cancer spread to my lymph nodes and eventually to my left lung. I went through countless surgeries. I had to learn to talk and eat all over again, 30 rounds of radiation, and even chemo. And through it all, I knew all was going to be okay.

I prayed and spoke with God daily, smiled at every person I saw out and about and envisioned my body fighting the bad cells. I put my hand out to other cancer fighters, and I knew that positivity and joy were the answers I needed. See, I had a friend who was also battling cancer. She had stage four breast cancer. And she always said to me, “If you fear tomorrow, you lose the joy you have for today.” I repeated that over and over every day. It is such a true statement. No matter what comes our way, find the joy. Why live fearfully, stressed, and feeling out of control, when we can make the mindset switch to find the joy. I cannot stress enough how this helped me during that stressful journey. It all came down to deciding to live life with a positive outlook and finding joy in every situation.

So how can this help you in your daily life? The key is to visualize the outcome or the goals you desire. I find meditation and yoga helpful for doing this. The silence and ability to close out distractions during yoga practice can help you more ways than one. As silly as it sounds, smile more. Simply smiling at others can make you feel happy and full of joy.

And most importantly, do not let others cloud your vision. Of course, someone will always have an opinion or a story of someone they know who went through something similar. But ultimately, it’s your life, so go for what you want! You totally got this!!

Tara is a mama of two very busy and sporty kids. You can catch her at the baseball field or the horse barn pretty much at any given moment. She loves soaking up time with the kids and being present for their activities. As mentioned before, Tara is a firefighter wife to an incredibly supportive and amazing husband. In addition, she is a Registered Nurse, Fitness and Nutrition coach, former Professional figure competitor, entrepreneur, and cancer survivor. You can follow Tara on Instagram and Facebook for more inspiration.

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