Holistic Protocols To Alleviate The Crud

Updated: Sep 24

At the end of August, my two youngest children and I came down with Covid. It was not unexpected, especially since school had begun ten days prior, and children in their classrooms were heading home each day with the virus. I wrote about it on social media and kept everyone updated on how we were combating the virus using my knowledge of viruses and the latest Covid protocols. As a result, several people called and connected with me to get some advice which prompted me to create this blog post.

When reading, remember every "body" is different. Use these recommendations as guidelines and listen to your body. Then, let's get to it!

The best way to fight off any illness is to stay active, hydrate, and cut out excess sugar along with processed food. Sugar feeds viruses and colds. Processed foods have little to no nutritional value. To cut back on your days in bed, eat raw fruits and vegetables, lean protein, plant-based is best, stay as active as possible, and seriously cut out or back on the sugar.

Rest when needed. When you feel a little weak, sit down or take a nap. During this time of rest, catch up on some reading or watch a feel-good movie.