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Start Somewhere, Start small

I didn’t start with 20-pound dumbbells when I returned to strength training. I began with fives. That makes sense, right? But so many people feel they need to jump in and go heavy or home. That’s how injuries occur.

Don’t compare yourself to anyone else, not your younger self or pre-injury self. I know how frustrating it is to start over, but when you start small and safeguard your body from injury, you’ll be surprised how fast you level up.

I’m now using fifteen and sometimes twenty pounds for my bicep curls, but I proudly started right here with fives.

You've got this! Go easy on yourself. The rest will follow.

Here at The Fitness Nook, your safety and comfort level is priority. Both Nikki and Barbara are knowledgable in the area of injury recovery and building muscle strength. Giving you the most enjoyable fitness experience is important to them.

Get ready for something new! Classes coming soon!

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