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What Can I Help You Attract Into Your Life This Year?

Happy New Year! Each year I follow the practice of choosing a positive theme to start the new year. I found this is better than aggressive goal setting. It helps me discover who I want to be instead of constantly doing.

My theme for 2022 is Confidence. Confidence to teach, to lead, to write, to speak, to learn, to live well, to share, and to be authentically me.

2021 was not the best year, nor the worst year for me. I had the courage to make significant career and lifestyle changes last year. At times it was scary. Finances were tight. The children were home and quarantined more times than I care to remember. It was very emotional for our family. In October, the loss of my beloved father-in-law, days after I recovered from Covid, was devastating for us. The loss of my taste and smell was and still is an inconvenience for me.

BUT, I had big wins, and I enjoyed celebrating others' successes. One big win for me; I lost 26 pounds over the summer, lowered my inflammation markers, and learned to adapt to the losses that happened for me.

Confidence played a significant role in my life at the end of 2021, and leading with it in 2022 is something I look forward to sharing. Supporting those who want to become healthy and happy and teaching them sustainable weight loss are a few of my goals this year. Again, confidence will lead the way.

Welcome, January! As you enter 2022, remember that life happens for you, not to you. You get to choose.

What would you like to attract into your life this year? How can I help?

Announcing a spring Wellness retreat Let's get healthy together! I am so thrilled to announce my first retreat of 2022. Join me in person for a fun-filled day that will leave you refreshed and energized. Check out the details below.

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