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The book also ranked No. 2 in the Personal Transformation Self Help category, behind A New Earth.

Bruno’s book is a helpful guide that provides a balanced perspective for anyone who is ready to experience positive changes in their lives, by balancing the complex dynamic we develop between food and personal relationships…

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11 Not-so-Romantic-but-Essential Tips to Be Happier and More in Love with Your Partner

Intimate relationships have a strange way of revealing flaws. Here’s how to stay in love, anyway!

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12 Ways To Know FOR SURE If He’s The One You Should Marry

Is he sensitive to your needs in and out of the bedroom and self-confident enough to let you shine?

Your man loves you. He sees you as perfect the way you are — messy hair, first thing in the morning, and when you cry. You’ve never felt so in love and you begin to wonder: “Is he the one for me?”…

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