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Removing The Mask

4 1/2 hour intensive workshop that goes deeper into self discovery

  • 4 hr 30 min
  • Contact Barbara
  • Online or in person

Service Description

In this 4 1/2 hour intensive workshop, or private intensive day, we will go deeper into self discovery. In today’s society we wear many masks. It’s easy to feel we need to be more than one person so as to please everyone we encounter. It becomes exhausting, wearing on us emotionally and physically. • Are you continuously morphing into a version of someone else, of what others want you to be? • Are you finding it hard to be yourself? • Is it causing issues in your personal and professional life? • Do you find it hard to say “No”? This workshop is for individuals who are ready to remove their mask along with the stress of people pleasing. During this 4 hour workshop you will learn how to: • Remove the many masks we wear revealing your authentic self • Create healthy boundaries with others and yourself and learn why this is important to your overall wellbeing • Understand the effects of stress on the body and mind caused by people pleasing • Create healthy coping and life skills to implement in everyday life • Learn how to say “No” in a positive way without compromising your self-worth and value. Removing the Mask Workshop is available upon request and availability. Two 15 minute break times are built into the time. Individual or group program available. 4 person minimum for group workshop. Contact Barbara for pricing.

Cancellation Policy

24 hour cancellation policy is in effect. No refund or credit will be given for missed appointments or last minute cancellations for any reason.

Contact Details


South Carolina/New York

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