Take Back Your Life One Relationship at a Time: Reset your life mind, body, and soul

Take Back Your Life One Relationship at a Time is a book for anyone who is ready to begin making positive lifestyle changes in one or many areas of their life. Barbara explores personal relationships, spiritual relationships, career, nutrition and much more in this motivational and inspirational self-help guide. From personal experience, she learned the importance of balancing her relationship with food with her personal relationships. Barbara talks about her life changing journey, then she gives you suggestions through out the book on how to begin to make yours. She touches on each subject, mind, body and soul, to give you just enough information to get you started on your own journey. You’ll find suggestions on how to keep the romance going in your life, start conversations with your partner, make positive weekly changes in your life, deconstruct your food cravings, make your work environment work for you, AND in the basics of good food, you’ll find some delicious recipes! This book is full of useful information to help you take back your life wherever you need it most and whenever you’re ready to begin.

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