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Barbara Ann Bruno

Inspirational Lifestyle Coach

You may recognize Barbara Ann Bruno from  Dunes Living Magazine, or maybe you've read her award-winning book Take Back Your Life One Relationship at a Time.

Barbara has been featured on Dr. Laura, MSN, Professorhouse, Pop Sugar, Thrive Global, YourTango, and She is a popular speaker at women's conferences, global webinars, and Clubhouse.

As an INHC-certified holistic health practitioner, fitness professional, and nutritionistBarbara is well-versed in several holistic modalities. These days, she shares her knowledge through her wellness blog, books, health and fitness coaching, and speaking engagements.

As the mother of four children, two step-children, one grandchild, and a Havanese pup named Mylo, Barbara spends her time divided between family, friends, church, community, and writing. She and her husband, John, love traveling and discovering new restaurants.


As active as she is, most people are surprised to learn that Barbara has several autoimmune diseases. Her motto had always been, "You are not your disease." Through her example, many other men and women have been inspired to live better, fuller lives.

To invite Barbara to speak for your organization or write for your publication, contact her here.

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