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Books By Barbara

Afternoon Light

An Inspirational Guide To Making Positive
Lifestyle Changes

Let Bestselling Amazon Author Barbara Ann Bruno guide you to Take Back Your Life One Relationship at a Time. This is a book for anyone who is ready to begin making positive lifestyle changes. In her book, Barbara explores personal relationships, spiritual relationships, career, nutrition, and much more through motivational and inspirational methods.

Are you struggling to balance your relationships?

Are you struggling with your career?

Are you struggling with poor health and nutrition?

Are you struggling to find positive things in your life?

Then you need this book!

Take back your life now. 


Find Your Silverlinning 

Removing the Mask is an inspiring short story about self-discovery. "We all wear masks. Once we remove them we are free to be our authentic selves." Join Amazon Bestselling Author, Barbara Ann Bruno, in her journey as she unveils details of her past in which family love and support helped her through some of her darkest moments. Her story gives the reader courage and strength in times of adversity to forge forward and find life's many wonderful possibilities..

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