Meet Your Coach


Barbara Ann Bruno

Hello! I am so happy you are here!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little bit about me.

I began my coaching career in 2015 as a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. At that time, I was going through a divorce with four children at home. It had been years since I was in the workforce, and with a newborn baby, it was near impossible to get work without paying for child care. I had a Bachelors's degree in English, and my dream was to write books. With a household to care for, that dream was put aside but never forgotten.


From a young age, I had a passion for fitness. I was a dancer through my 20's and competed professionally in my late 30's. During my fourth pregnancy at the age of 39, I received my Zumba certification and my certification as a group fitness instructor. It was gratifying and came at a time I needed it the most. Things have a way of falling into place at the right time. These new ventures were my saving grace during an uncertain time. I was given a chance by someone who had known what it was like to walk in my shoes and was offered a job as an instructor at our local YMCA, which offered free daycare to instructors. 

That was the beginning of a new chapter; it was the beginning of my new life.

I did realize the dream of writing my first book while in school for my Health Coach certification. Much to my joy, it became a best seller. I called it Take Back Your Life One Relationship at a Time.

Health coaching has given me the chance to work with other women who have had similar struggles. Some were in unhappy marriages who turned things around to be happy again; others looked for relationships that would make them happy. Then some were looking to improve their relationships with the people and the food they loved.


As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I work with women looking to put joy back into their lives wherever they need it the most. My training included primary relationship work in personal relationships, career relationships, and spirituality. Primary relationships encompass self-care. They are the relationships you have with yourself and others. This is where the joy comes in for those ready to start their journey with me. Making positive lifestyle changes one at a time is where we begin.

Your lifestyle affects the food you eat, and the food you eat affects your lifestyle. Nutrition coaching can be very enjoyable. One diet does not fit all. I do not believe in food shaming. Nothing is off-limits when you work with me. The goal is to be successful. With me, you will learn how to incorporate the food you love into your daily diet. You'll learn to make healthier swaps that you'll enjoy maybe even more than the original and add in good wholesome food. The goal is to feel good and learn how to feed your individual body.

One of my greatest joys in life is to see others step into their authenticity and live their best life. My approach is practical and simple. If you do the work, you will see results. I will give you the tools you need to become successful. If you want something good to happen for you, you will work for it in a way that brings joy and abundance into your life. My promise to you is to show up for you with enthusiasm. 

I'm a true believer in supporting other women. Coaching them through various modalities based on their specific needs gives me that amazing opportunity. Click here to work with me.