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Body Image: What Social Media Is Not Telling You

We all know not everything we see on social media is real. But, real or not, there's a damaging message being sent: Don't be you, be them at any cost.

Back in my day, it used to be thin is in. That created a lot of body shaming and increased harmful eating disorders. Deadly diet pills were all the rage; purging, exercising until you dropped became an obsession.

Today the message is to work your butt out until it is huge, eat until it's large, get butt enhancers or more extreme cancer-causing butt implants. Now it's baby got back, or you're out. There's a pattern here. Your body pays the price while celebrities, surgeons, companies, and big pharmacies get rich on your insecurities by selling you confidence in a package. They've got a good racket going.

One of my daughters made me laugh the other day. She told me the big booty is all the rage, so she wants to blow hers up and out! But, I told her, be healthy. Not everyone's body is supposed to have a big booty.

Here's the real deal, small or large, if you're eating well, staying active, and have good wellness practices, you're in a good place. And to get to that place, you need one more ingredient; your mindset needs to be there too. So if you feel you need to look a certain way or be accepted more by others by conforming, it's your mindset.

It's hard not to buy into the body trends because of the constant media thrown in your face. You'll be more popular, you'll get a date, you'll find your soul mate, you'll be happier if you do this or that. But, if you strip it down to what it truly is, it's a moneymaker. It has nothing to do with wanting to be happy with your self-image or live a happier, more fulfilling life. It's all about the dollar signs.

So, instead of feeding your hard-earned money to giant conglomerates, invest in yourself. Start with your mindset. How can you change your perspective? First, think about what comes up for you when you need to look a certain way. Then ask yourself, why do I feel this way? Sit with your feelings and see what comes up for you. It may be uncomfortable, but it will give you a place to start.

Does your mindset towards your body set you back in terms of living a healthy, happy life? Let's chat!

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