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So Why Is My Hair Purple?

You may have noticed the purple in my hair. I do it every spring for Lupus Awareness.

Many people see me at conferences, conventions, in my newsletter, and at my retreats, teaching about healthy living and eating. Most people assume I've always been healthy. You may have taken one of my fitness classes when I used to teach and or read one of my healthy living books. The truth is I live with several auto-immune diseases, including Discoid Lupus.

There are two main types of Lupus; Systemic and Discoid. Systemic affects the internal organs of the body. Discoid affects the body's largest organ, your skin, from the body's trunk to the head. Unfortunately, the sun is no longer a friend to those who have both types, especially Discoid Lupus. Therefore, I am extremely cautious with my skincare and sunblock.

I highly recommend Beauty Society skincare products to all my clients, friends, and family because of their safe ingredients. I need to be very cautious with everything I use on my skin. I've never experienced rashes or breakouts with their line. If ingredients are important to you, I highly recommend Beauty Society. They also offer a twelve-month money-back guarantee which speaks highly of their confidence in what they offer.

So when you see someone wearing purple this month, pause and think of this;

  • They may be in chronic pain.

  • They may be tired all the time.

  • Their smile may be masking depression from the symptoms of Lupus.

If you want to make a difference, click here.

If you want help with healthy living and eating choices, click here.

With Purple Love,


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