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Why It Isn't Crazy To Diet Over The Holiday's

Have you heard the story about my red dress?

I purchased a red dress two months before Christmas to wear on Christmas Eve, two sizes smaller than mine. Crazy, I know, but my thoughts were, why wait until after the holidays to lose weight? Give yourself an incentive. Look great now, start now, and be okay with those few days of celebrations.

I had four children still at home who needed me to be happy and healthy; the youngest was only one, and I was newly separated from my ex-husband of twenty years. No job, no real money in the bank, working on a new career; I said screw this, I am taking my life back. I worked hard on creating new habits that have lasted me to this day. When it came time to wear the red dress, it fit with room to spare!

I didn't starve myself or deprive myself of the food I loved. I didn't exercise for hours on end each day. Instead, I changed my eating habits and found an exercise I loved. I ate real food, not ones with names that are hard to pronounce: no weight loss shakes or diet pills, just good food in the right amount.

Whatever you have going on in your life, it will never be the right time to start losing weight or getting in shape. You will always make excuses for yourself that feel relevant. I know I did for quite some time until I realized I was the only one suffering for them. So, I flipped the script. I listed all my excuses and found a way to turn them into actionable goals and positive thoughts:

I'm too busy:

There's always time for my health. So, I will fit healthy eating and exercise into my schedule.

I'm too tired:

I'll feel more energized when I lose weight and exercise. So, I'll start by committing to an exercise routine.

The holidays are coming; I'll start after them:

I can eat delicious food during the holidays and still feel good about my health. Portion control will be my best friend.

We have company coming:

Our company will appreciate some nutritious food. However, we don't need to indulge in sweets for a good time.

I'll start Monday:

Mondays are the same as any other day; placing a stigma on them won't change the fact that they come and go like every other day. I need to do it now!

My work schedule is crazy:

A Workplace is an excellent place to start a nutrition program with a coworker and plan an exercise break.

This kid's schedule’s are crazy:

The kids will benefit from my healthy changes. I'll keep a healthy snack basket on the counter for on-the-go eating and make meals ahead of time so that we can come home to a healthy dinner.

You'll make something happen without excuses if you want something for yourself. Remember, when you care for yourself, you can take better care of others.

I'm here to help you with all your nutrition needs. So, if you want to work with me, let's talk now.

The holidays don't need to revolve around food but if they do, let's make it guilt-free and enjoyable for you. My story of the red dress may resonate with you.

So start now; you'll be thankful you did. And I'll be by your side, cheering you on.

For more inspiration, read the story of the Red Dress on my wellness blog.

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