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5 Tips To Stay On Track Through The Holidays

The holiday season is quickly approaching. That means candy, cookies, cake, drinks, parties, outings, and gatherings where calories can add up. Unfortunately, the temptation to indulge can steer you off track. It's easy to gain 5-10 pounds this time of year. So what can you do to maintain your weight and feel great through the holiday season?

Follow these 5 Tips on how to stay on track through the holidays.

1. Stay hydrated. This is my number one tip because hydration equals overall well-being. Drinking at least 64 ounces of water each day will help stabilize your weight, keep your skin glowing for those parties, regulate your digestive system, and flush out unwanted toxins. Drink a glass of water before eating, during, and after to curb hunger and stay satisfied. If you aren't crazy about plain water, you can add berries, lemons, limes, even herbs to make it more palatable. The best part, adding fruits and berries to your water doesn't add extra sugar and very few calories.

2. Keep your regular exercise routine. If you don't already, schedule your workouts, especially this time of year. Put them on your calendar as a recurring appointment. If you need to make adjustments, be sure to reschedule your time to exercise immediately. For example, wake up earlier, work out later, walk during your lunch break. Staying active increases your endorphins or your happy hormones, as I call them.

3. Watch your portions and listen to your body. It's easy to bulk up on extra portions when you are engaged in conversation. Did you know your stomach is the size of your fist? I couldn't believe it the first time I learned this. Having that knowledge helped me watch my portions and listen to my body. I no longer stuff myself like our Thanksgiving turkey. The feeling of extreme tightness in your stomach isn't so pleasant. At the first sign of fullness, drink a glass of water. Doing so will help keep you from eating more. Then, see if anyone would like to take a short stroll with you.

4. Ask what's on the menu. In this day and age with so many food allergies, it's not uncommon for you to ask your host/hostess what they will be serving at their gathering. Even if you do not have a food allergy, it's okay to ask so you can plan what you'll be eating ahead of time. Offer to bring a side dish or dessert that won't throw you off track.

5. Avoid empty calories. I steer clear of empty calories when possible and suggest you do as well. They have no nutritional value. The biggest holiday empty-calorie culprit is Alcohol. It not only packs on the calories, but most alcoholic beverages, such as wine, mixed drinks, and cream-based drinks, are also loaded with sugar. If you like to have a cocktail or two, drink plenty of water in between beverages. Alcohol can quickly dehydrate you leading to headaches, brain fog, and an overall feeling of sluggishness.

Does the holiday season give you stress when it comes to eating and exercise? Don't wait for January to start a new diet or exercise routine; begin now! Having the proper support can make a difference. So get ready to wear your little black dress!

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