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Yes, You Can!

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

What’s holding you back? Is there something you really want for yourself but feel will never happen?

I’m here to tell you: You’re never too young.

You’re never too old. You’re smart enough. You know enough. Money will be there when you need it.

I was 39 and pregnant with Adam in 2013 when I decided to pursue a career in health and fitness. All the tests were the same for the 22-year-old physical fitness students I was getting certified with. However, because I was pregnant, I was able to show modifications during the physical part of my training which helped them I was 6 months pregnant at the time of the AFAA test.

I had $8 in my bank account after my separation the following year in 2014. Thank goodness for family and good friends. They helped me get back on my feet. It’s okay to ask for and accept help; it takes strength.

In 2015, as I began my health coach certification, I decided it was a good idea to write my first book finally. It was published the same day as my divorce in November. Finally, in April 2016, at the age of 42, I had a best seller.

I had so many excuses over the years as to why I couldn’t do all the above. But, once I let go of them, everything was possible.

You can do whatever you are determined to do. It may be learning a new skill, opening a business you’ve been dreaming about, losing the weight you’ve been holding onto. I know, it's scary as hell, but it’s so worth the outcome! If you never try, you’ll never know.

In the beginning, one thing that was very instrumental in creating the life I wanted was a dream (vision) board. I put everything on it that I wanted for myself and my family. Having a visual aid made a difference. I completed my dream board because I made it intending to make it come true, and I saw it every day.

Create a dream board of your own and put it in place you will see it every day. It can be digital and printed, or you can get a piece of oak tag or poster board and put images and words on it. Let me know if you need some suggestions on how to. Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration.

You are the creator of your life. You are the master designer. What do you want to create for yourself? Anything is possible!

Are you ready to design a joyful life for yourself? The next Take Back Your Life Challenge is open for registration. It will take place in my private Facebook group; It's Your Time To Shine with Barbara. This is a FREE 5-day challenge that includes goal setting, healthy recipes, and *NEW* juicing for weight loss!

The Take Back Your Life challenge includes a detailed guide when you register. Unfortunately, it is not available in the group. Get yours now!

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