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Are You Tired Of Diet Culture?

When you're overweight, people let you know it. "You're obese; you look unhealthy; you need to lose weight." When you lose weight, people let you know it. "You're too thin; are you sick? You look terrible."

If you're happy, healthy, and thriving, keep doing what you're doing. You're not always going to have positive vibes thrown your way. So find your cheerleaders and dismiss the rest. And above all, YOU need to be happy with yourself.

Body shame doesn't discriminate.

If you're judgmental towards the appearance of others, you need to stop and think about what's happening for you. If others have judged you, and honestly who hasn't, you need to know with absolute confidence that's on them.

You may not believe it, but I'm still working on feeling comfortable in a bathing suit. So I decided to go to the pool wearing confidence on our last vacation. I even took a picture! It was a massive step for me.

I've lived my entire life hearing I was too fat or too thin. It can be very traumatizing to hear as a child you're fat, you're ugly, you look anorexic. This type of criticism can stay with you into adulthood, creating unhealthy diet patterns and self-image issues if you don't get the proper support.

  • Have you been struggling to find a diet that will work for you?

  • Have you tried everything only to feel defeated with the lack of results?

  • Are you struggling emotionally with weight loss?

Let's break the barriers of diet culture and body image together.

Join us in April for the Essential Living Spring Retreat, where you will learn how to break down past patterns towards dieting and self-image. You and your future self are so worth it!

Seating is Limited! Get your ticket today.

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