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New Sugar Detox Program Pre-Order!

Last year several of my clients were experiencing fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, and mood swings after being home for months. Diet played a significant role. The biggest complaint I heard was poor diet choices and weight gain. The best approach to supporting their needs was a sugar detox.

You may be asking why a sugar detox, why not just eat fruits and vegetables and ditch the sweets? Well, for starters, you want to be successful. Putting pressure on yourself to ditch the junk and replace it all at once is a setup for failure. You want to detox with healthy, nutritious food that you will enjoy, so you won't want to reach for cookies or ice cream. In fact, after the sugar detox, people have told me they no longer craved soda, sweets, or needed sweetener in their coffee. How amazing is that!

The clients who chose to follow the detox loved the program. The noticeable changes clients experienced were clarity of mind, weight loss, less or no cravings for sugar, lower blood sugar, clear skin, and better moods, to name a few.

I never thought my next book would be a Sugar Detox Program, but it made sense. You will love holding this in your hands as much as I do! This is your program to better health and wellness.

Spring is the ideal time to do a sugar detox. Great news! When you pre-order the sugar detox program, you'll receive two bonus gifts designed to support your journey.

Just in time for spring, this fantastic package is yours for just $49.

Once you pre-order the sugar detox program, please send me a quick email at with your shipping address so I can get your bonuses right out to you.

​Get​ your ​sugar detox ​program here:

I'm delighted to be showcasing the sugar detox program at the Essential Living Spring Retreat happening on April 2nd in Myrtle Beach. If you don't know about this, read more here:

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